Permission: Campaign entities

First layer messages allow you organization to create a consent experience whereby end-users can accept, reject, and/or make individual choices on vendors and purposes (or navigate to a privacy manager on the property).

In this article, we will cover how to edit a first layer message on an individual property.

  Note: If your privacy manager satisfies all necessary regulatory requirements, the first layer message is an optional configuration.

However, rather than configuring all the requirements into a privacy manager (which can lead to a very large, not user-friendly privacy manager), Sourcepoint strongly recommends a "dual layer approach" using both the first layer message with a link to the privacy manager.

Click Messages on the left-hand panel and select a regulatory regime (GDPR Messages or CCPA Messages)

Click Web/Webview from either subsequent menu.

  Note: When building a message for the GDPR regulatory regime, you will have the option to select either a Web/Webview message for either TCF or Standard.


Use the property field in the upper right-hand corner to select a property for which you will edit a first layer message.


Ensure the First Layer tab is selected and then click the Edit icon inline with a first layer message.


From the subsequent page, apply any edits to the first layer message and click Save Message when finished.

  Note: Click here for more information on how to navigate the first layer message builder.


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