Refresh campaign

   Permission: Campaign Staging and/or Campaign Public

Refreshing a campaign replaces an existing Stage or Public campaign with a new campaign of the same type. Often times, refreshing a campaign is necessary to push edits (scenario, first layer message, etc..) to your environment.  

Refresh campaign 

Relaunch a campaign for any property type (web, app, OTT) within the Sourcepoint portal by clicking the Refresh icon in the campaign card for a particular environment.


Confirm the decision to refresh the campaign for the environment and click Refresh Campaign in the subsequent modal. Any detected edits will be pushed to a new campaign.

  Note: Be aware that if a first layer message has been configured for the campaign it will be assigned a new ID when the new campaign is refreshed.


  Note: A campaign environment (Stage or Public) can only have a single campaign at a time using the same Type. Cloning a campaign across environments or launching a new campaign into an environment where there is already a campaign utilizing the same Type will effectively refresh the campaign and use whatever configurations you have for the cloned/new campaign.


Refresh campaign decision guide 

Edits made to vendor lists, messages, scenarios, and/or partition sets may require you to refresh a campaign in order to apply those changes to your property. Please refer to the decision guide below to see if a campaign refresh is necessary.

Edit to Relaunch Campaign?
Vendor list No
Preferences Configurations No
Scenario Yes
Partition set Yes
First layer message


  Note: The first layer message will be assigned a new ID when the new campaign is refreshed.
Privacy manager No
Native App Yes
Legacy OTT Yes
iOS tracking message Yes
Custom message  Yes
Preferences message Yes
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