Permission: Campaign Staging and/or Campaign Public

For any given property, Sourcepoint allows your organization to run campaign(s) on a staging environment and a public environment. Between these two environments your organization can test, control, and ultimately launch campaign(s) to your end-users.

Stage environment

Campaign(s) added to the stage environment allow you to preview and test your message experience (strategy, layout, copy, etc.) on the property without it being visible to your end-users. 


If the property has Sourcepoint's combined script implemented, add the following parameter to the property's URL to view the stage environment of your message experience without impacting end-user access to your public campaigns.


  Note: Viewing the message experience in the stage environment depends on which version of the Sourcepoint script is implemented on the property. If your organization utilizes a legacy implementation (i.e. v1 or v2), click here for the necessary URL parameter.

The combined URL to access the stage environment for the property will look similar to:

Public environment

Campaigns in the public environment are considered "live" and are accessible by end-users who visit your property's URL.


Move campaign between environments (Clone)

To move a campaign between environments (e.g. make a stage campaign "live" for end-users after testing), click the Clone icon in the campaign card. 


Confirm the decision to clone the campaign into the other environment and click Clone.


The moved campaign will be ended automatically in its original environment and added to the new environment. Clone from Stage/Public will be appended to the name of the campaign in the new environment.


  Note: There can only be a single campaign for each type (GDPR, U.S. Privacy, iOS Tracking, etc.) in a campaign environment.

If there is a campaign in the environment with the same type as the incoming campaign, the original campaign will be ended in the environment and be replaced with incoming campaign.

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