Read-only permission for vendor list

  Admin Access required.

Read-only access for a specific vendor list can be granted to a member of your organization by configuring their user account permissions as outlined in this article. 

  Note: Sourcepoint currently does not support a specific read-only permission for vendor lists.

When successfully configured, the end-user will see a View Only notification when viewing a vendor list for a given regulatory framework. 

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To start, click Super Admin on the left-hand panel and select Users from the subsequent menu.


Navigate to a user on the subsequent list and click Edit inline with the user name.

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Select the dropdown menu under Permissions for the user and assign them one or more of the following permissions:

Permission Vendor List Access
Vendor List - GDPR GDPR TCF and GDPR Standard
Vendor List - CCPA U.S. Privacy (Legacy)
Regulation Settings - USNat U.S. Multi-State Privacy

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Dialogue properties

Select the dropdown menu under Dialogue properties and select any properties to which the user should have access (alternatively, the user can be assigned no Dialogue properties).

It is important that the user not be assigned all properties that is included in a vendor list. Without full access to all properties on a given vendor list, the user's permission on the vendor list will be set to Read-only.


If a GDPR-TCF vendor list has 10 properties associated with it, the user can be given Dialogue property access for up to 9 of those properties and still retain Read-only permissions on the vendor list.

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