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A wildcard property is a naming convention that allows your organization to apply messages to more than one subdomain for the property. A wildcard property will use the wildcard character *. before the domain name of the property.


If a property was named *, your messages would also appear on subdomains for the property like or

  Note: Your organization should not use the same top-level domain for separate wildcard properties (e.g. * and * This will cause issues with returning messages to the browser. 

To add a wildcard property to your Sourcepoint account, click Properties on the left-hand panel and select Properties from the subsequent menu. 


Click + Add New Property.


Use the subsequent modal to give the property a name with the wildcard character *.. Additionally, select a type, and any optional property group. Click Save when finished.

  Note: The position of the wildcard is important. For example if the property was named *, your messages would appear for properties with a name that includes and ends with ''.

Property names such as or are examples where messages will appear.


  Note: In order to persist an end-user's consent data across your subdomains you will need to enable the Write 1st Party Cookies To Root Domain setting on the vendor list associated with this property. Click here for more information. 

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