Permissions: Property management and Campaign Entities
Dialogue Properties: Access to all properties 

Properties are individual websites, apps, or OTT channels that your organization controls. In this article, we will cover how to add a new property to your organization's Sourcepoint account. 

Click Properties on the left-hand panel and select Properties from the subsequent menu. 


Click + Add New Property.


Use the subsequent modal to give the property a name, a type, and assign it to any optional property group. Click Save when finished.

 Please review the following naming conventions/rules before saving your new property:

Web properties

Rule Example
Use the wildcard character *. to have your messages appear on more than one subdomain. Click here to learn more. *
Property name should be in all lowercase.
Exclude the protocol identifier (e.g. http:// or https://) from the name of the property. https://
Exclude any path or sub-folder after the top-level domain. /sports
If the property redirects to another domain for a service then the "redirect" domain needs to be mapped to the original domain either through the Sourcepoint portal or using the propertyHref parameter in your implementation.  

App properties

Rule Example
Names for app properties are case sensitive.  
We recommend using a period in your app property name instead of a hyphen or underscore.


The new property will be added to the your organization's property list and any assigned property group.


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