Property groups allow your organization to group properties together in order to simplify configurations for mass campaigns and updates. In this article, we highlight an issue your organization may come across while using property groups, its potential causes, and ways of repairing the property group to resolve the issue.

Property group errors

Common errors that your organization may face when managing a property group are:

  • Campaigns launched in either the Stage or Public environment for a property group are not launched for all properties within the property group
  • Campaign entities (messages, scenarios, or partition sets) edited for a property group are not reflected on all properties within the property group

The above issues can occur for a variety or reasons. Commonly, a source of the errors are campaign entities created directly within a property instead of within the property group. When this occurs, it can be the case that the property becomes unlinked from the controls of the property group and changes to the property group (like launching a campaign or editing a partition set) are not appropriately pushed to the property. 

Repair property group campaign entities 

If campaigns and/or campaign entities are not being pushing to all properties within a property group we suggest that you recreate (or clone) the campaign entities within the property group.

Click Properties on the left-hand panel and select Property Groups from the subsequent menu. 


Select the name of a property group on the following page. 


Navigate to a campaign entity for the property group. In this article, we will clone a partition set to ensure that its settings are pushed to all properties within the property group.

Click the Duplicate icon inline with the campaign entity name. 


A duplicate of the campaign entity will be created for the property group with (copy) appended to the name. Click Edit inline with the new campaign entity.  


Edit any details of the duplicated campaign entity and click Save.

  Note: When editing the duplicated campaign entity ensure that you are relying on other campaign entities that you have duplicated as part of the property group troubleshooting workflow (e.g. ensuring that your duplicated partition set is utilizing a duplicated scenario).


Next, check each property within the property group to ensure that the duplicated campaign entity and any edits to that entity are surfacing correctly for the property. 

If successful, navigate back to the campaign entity page for the property group and click the Delete icon inline with the original campaign entity. 


Click Delete in the subsequent modal to confirm your decision. 


Repeat as necessary for other campaign entities in the property group until all entities are linked. 


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