Scheduled reports - Custom date range monthly limit


Dialogue Properties: Access to all properties | Permissions: Reporting CCPA / TCFV2 / USNat

Scheduled reports allow your organization to send reports to recipients in your Sourcepoint account at specific pre-determined intervals. Additionally, you can use scheduled reports to send a report to a recipient with a custom date range.

Sourcepoint currently caps the number of reports with a custom date range to 5-per-month for all Sourcepoint accounts. 

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 11.42.32 AM.png

Once your organization has sent 5 reports with a custom date range, Sourcepoint will surface an error that you have reached your monthly limit for scheduled reports using a custom date range

  Note: Reports sent only once through the scheduled report feature will not be recorded in the list of scheduled reports on the Manage Reports page. 


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