Vendor tag glossary

Vendor tags are generated by Sourcepoint and provide insight into the any changes the Diagnose scanning system has detected for that vendor. Below are the vendor tags that can be associated with a vendor for a given metric. 

  Note: Vendor tags are non-editable and automatically generated by Sourcepoint. Click here for more information on how to dismiss a vendor tag.

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Vendor tag Description
New Attributed when the vendor is newly seen on the property.
Changes detected

Attributed when either:

  • new vendor domain is identified from that vendor on the property
  • new cookie identified from that vendor on the property
  • a new method of fingerprinting is detected from that vendor on the property
  • vendor has started to write/use to local storage when before it was not on the property

  Note: The exact reasoning for the tag can be viewed in the Comments section of the Activity pane when viewing the vendor's vendor status.

The above tags will be set for vendors on the following Diagnose metrics:

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