Metric details: Possible fingerprinting

  Note: Click here for general information on fingerprinting and the methods used by Sourcepoint to scan for possible fingerprinting. 

The Possible fingerprinting compliance metric covers the vendors found (per scan) who use data that could potentially be used for fingerprinting. The metric details view enables your organization to view data visualizations for the compliance metric against your benchmarks and drill down into scanning results. 

Navigate to a detailed view for a specific compliance metric by applying your filters to your dashboard and selecting a compliance metric from the Compliance Metrics table.


  Note: You can continue to edit filters to adjust properties, regions, periodization, and benchmark properties while viewing the details for a particular metric.


The graphs below show how your selected properties compared to the selected benchmark properties in regards to how many vendors do possible fingerprinting.


  • Average count: the average number of vendors per scan that fulfilled the criteria of the metric (e.g. non disclosed, triggered before consent, etc...)
  • Relative score: a percentile ranking that compares your selected properties against your benchmark properties for this particular compliance metric. 


Detailed Breakdown

The detailed breakdown table lists vendor details that were observed on your properties and who may use data for fingerprinting. Please refer to the table below for definitions for each vendor detail in the table.


Vendor Detail Description
Vendors Name of observed vendor on your property(ies) who was triggered before an end-user performed a consent action.
Technology categorisation

Categorisation is provided by Sourcepoint after rigorous and careful research into the vendor's data practices by reviewing the vendor's privacy policy with regards to the particular cookie or technology.

If triggered vendor belongs to more than a single technology category, click the number in the cell to view all categories.

Registered for special feature A check to see if the vendor is registered with the IAB's special feature related to fingerprinting. These special features are:
  • Use precise geolocation data
  • Actively scan device characteristics for identification
Prevalence (Site) The prevalence of the vendor across the selected properties. 
Referrer vendor

The vendor who owns the last web address accessed by the browser prior to triggering the vendor in question.

If triggered vendor is referred to by more than one vendor on your vendor list, click the number in the cell to view all referrer vendors. 

  Note: Filter the table by different headers by selecting the filter icon from a vendor detail header and apply filters via the dropdown menu. Click OK to apply the filters.


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