Vendor status glossary

Vendor statuses enable your organization to better manage your efforts to vet, review and whitelist vendors that are discovered on your properties via a Diagnose scan. Unlike vendor tags, which are generated by the Sourcepoint system, vendor statuses are set be users in your organization.

In this article, we will review the various vendor statuses that can be set for a vendor.

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  Note: Click here for more information on how to edit the vendor status for a vendor on a Diagnose metric.

Vendor status Description
Unreviewed The default status for all vendors. 
Under review The vendor is currently being reviewed.
Action required The vendor needs to be reviewed or needs to be actioned upon by someone in your organization. 

The vendor is approved by your organization.

  Note: Approved vendors will not be used in the calculation for the metric's average count (average number of vendors per scan that fulfilled the criteria of the metric).

The above statuses can be set for vendors on the following Diagnose metrics:

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