Dismiss vendor tag

Vendor tags are generated by Sourcepoint and provide insight into the any changes the Diagnose scanning system has detected for that vendor. In this article, we will cover how to dismiss a vendor tag on single property.

Navigate to a Diagnose metric that supports vendor status and click the vendor status inline with the vendor's name in the Detailed Breakdown table.

Screenshot_2023-08-23_at_9_53_19_AM copy.jpg

In the subsequent modal, select a property from the Property pane.

Screenshot_2023-12-11_at_11_03_53 AM.jpg

Hover over the vendor tag at the top of the modal and click Dismiss

Screenshot_2023-12-11_at_11_27_36 AM.jpg

The vendor tag will be removed from the vendor for the selected property only and the action will be recorded in the vendor status Activity pane. 

Screenshot_2023-12-11_at_11_33_29 AM.jpg



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