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Sharing an end-user's consent data to a subdomain for your property requires your organization to enable the following settings in the vendor list associated with the property:

When both settings are enabled for the vendor list associated with the property, Sourcepoint will write the consentDate cookie to the root domain of the property. This cookie will be compared against the consent date in the end-user's local storage and if the cookie has a more recent date, Sourcepoint will update the end-user's consent.

To start, click Vendor Management on the left-hand rail and select a regulatory regime from the subsequent menu. 


Select the list associated with your property. 

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Write 1st Party Cookies to Root Domain

Click *Advanced Settings* from the vendor list builder page.


Enable the Write 1st Party Cookies To Root Domain setting and click Apply Changes in the subsequent dialog box. 


Consent scope set to Shared Site

  Note: For GDPR TCF, GDPR Standard, and/or U.S. Multi-State Privacy vendor lists, consent scope can be set directly from the vendor list builder (as illustrated below).

For U.S. Privacy (Legacy) vendor lists, you will need to contact your Sourcepoint representative to have this setting enabled in the back-end.

Navigate to the Consent scope field on the vendor list builder page. Use the provided dropdown menu to select Shared site

Screenshot_2023-10-24_at_9_34_50 AM.jpg

To confirm the edits made to your vendor list, click Save on the vendor list builder page. 

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