Add vendor to vendor list (GDPR TCF and GDPR Standard)

   Permission: Vendor list - GDPR 

Vendors added to a GDPR TCF or GDPR Standard vendor list will populate in the privacy manager for any property added to the vendor list. In this article, we will cover the following:

Add vendor

To add a vendor to your vendor list, navigate to an existing GDPR TCF or GDPR Standard vendor list by clicking Vendor Management on the left-hand rail and selecting GDPR TCF or GDPR Standard from the menu.

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Select an existing vendor list for the regulatory regime on the subsequent page.

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From a GDPR TCF vendor list builder, click Manage Vendors & Cookies.


Ensure the Vendors radio button is selected in the subsequent modal. Click All System Vendors

Select vendors you wish to add to your vendor list by click the checkbox to the left of the vendor name. Click Add to selected vendors button when finished.

  Note: Use the search bar to find a specific vendor or click the filter icon in the Vendor column to filter the list by IAB, Google ATP, and Custom vendors.


The selected vendors will be added to your vendor list. Click View Selected Vendors to see all vendors currently on your vendor list (including those just added).

Click Save.


The selected vendors will be added to the vendor list with legal bases defaulted to your configuration for those vendor categories and/or purposes. For any given vendor, you can manually edit the legal basis for a purpose that will override the defaults you have configured.

Confirm that the legal bases for all newly added vendors are correct. Click Save on the vendor list builder page to confirm your additions. 


Added vendor triggering reconsent

Whether adding a new vendor will trigger a reconsent for your property's end-users will depend on your scenario configuration when the new vendor is added and saved to your GDPR TCF or GDPR Standard vendor list.

Sourcepoint strongly recommends that you review your scenario configuration before adding a new vendor to your vendor list. A reconsent will be triggered in the following scenario configurations:

Scenario Configuration Description
Vendor List Additions + Show Message Always Once vendor list is saved with new vendor, scenario step will trigger for existing end-users who have previously consented and they will see your message again.
Legal Basis Changes + Show Message Always Once vendor list is saved with new vendor, scenario step will only trigger if there are any legal basis changes in your vendor list that need to be saved. A warning with these changes will surface in your vendor list prior to saving.

  Note: If your organization uses either of the above scenario configurations and do not wish to trigger a reconsent just yet follow the steps below:

  1. Make a copy of the scenario associated with your live campaign as a point of reference
  2. Delete the scenario configuration(s) that would trigger a reconsent in the original scenario
  3. Edit the name of the original scenario to reflect the new status
  4. Relaunch campaign with the edited scenario
  5. Add vendors to your vendor list.
  6. When ready, re-add the scenario configurations that were originally deleted. Existing end-users will then be asked to reconsent to your new vendors.
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