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   Permission: Campaign entities

In this article, we will cover the various configurations that can be applied to your privacy manager from the Settings tab of the privacy manager builder Home screen.


  Note: If your organization utilizes a custom view for you GDPR TCF or GDPR Standard privacy manager, you will need to configure the settings separately for the privacy manager and custom view.  

Disable page scrolling

The Disable Scrolling? toggle determines whether an end-user is able to scroll through the page behind the privacy manager while the privacy manager modal is visible.

  • Enabled: end-user cannot scroll through the page behind the privacy manager
  • Deactivated: end-user can scroll through the page behind the privacy manager


  Note: By default, the Disable Scrolling? toggle is enabled for new privacy managers. To deactivate the feature and allow scrolling of the page behind the privacy manager, click the toggle inline with the feature name so that the toggle appears grey.

Constrain privacy manager to mobile safe area

Enable the toggle to keep your privacy manager within the safe area of an end-user's mobile device. 


Enabled   Deactivated
Image_from_iOS__1_.png   Image_from_iOS.png


Use the provided field to configure the z-index of the privacy manager (i.e. stack order of the privacy manager) on your page. By increasing the z-index of the privacy manager, you can ensure that other elements on your page are not blocking the privacy manager. 


 Use Case

Raise the z-index of your privacy manager so that it is not blocked by a chatbot that is also on your page.

Website BG

Input the URL for a website to view how your privacy manager will appear on the page within the privacy manager builder. This field will only impact the workspace in the privacy manager builder and is for preview purposes only. It will not impact how your privacy manager appears once launched on your property. 


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