Prebid is a header bidding platform that can pass down consent preferences to bidders/vendors for the following regulatory frameworks: GDPR, U.S. Privacy (Legacy), and U.S. Multi-State Privacy. In this article, we will cover steps and resources in Prebid to support the integration.

Customize and download Prebid build

Ensure that your Prebid build includes the necessary consent management modules for your regulatory framework. The following consent management modules (among others) are selected by default when creating a new Prebid build:

The Prebid build can be customized and downloaded from the link below:

Customize and download Prebid build

Configure consent management modules

Once your customized Prebid build is downloaded, you will need to configure each consent management module according to your business needs. We strongly encourage you to review and familiarize yourself with Prebid's documentation for each consent management module.

Consent Management - GDPR Consent Management - GPP Consent Management - U.S. Privacy
//Example only
var pbjs = pbjs || {};
pbjs.que = pbjs.que || [];
pbjs.que.push(function() {
    consentManagement: {
      gdpr: {
        cmpApi: 'iab',
        timeout: 8000,
        defaultGdprScope: true

Click here to view Prebid's documentation for the Consent Management - GDPR module.

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