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In this article, we will cover how to integrate Sourcepoint's CMP into Comscore using their cs_ucfr parameter. The integration will pass end-user's opt-out information to Comscore.

cs_ucfr parameter

Publishers can implement the cs_ucfr parameter to pass opt-out information to Comscore. The cs_ucfr parameter allows clients to communicate a consent value to Comscore via the Comscore tag code embedded on a client website. Comscore’s use of information will be governed by this value.

cs_ucfr value Description
1 Designates that the end-user has explicitly consented to the collection and use of their data.
0 Designates that there is a lack of consent to the collection and use of an end-user's data. 

Website opt-out

Web properties can leverage the custom reject action or opt-out hooks to store whether or not a client has consented to comScore's use of their data. 

  Note: Sourcepoint recommends that you set a cookie to manage your web property's end-user current consent status. While we utilize a jquery to set a cookie in the example below, any cookie setting function can be utilized.  

GDPR / U.S. Privacy (Legacy) U.S. Multi-State Privacy
Navigate to an existing vendor list for either GDPR TCF. GDPR Standard, or U.S. Privacy (Legacy). Select a vendor or purpose that will trigger the passing of opt-out information to Comscore.

Screenshot_2023-11-13_at_10_35_45 AM.jpg

Click Reject Actions and input your code into the Custom JS field.

In the example below, if an end-user on the property executes a "Do Not Sell" signal then a cookie value called _sp_comscore is created with a value of 0.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 10.41.58 AM.png

The web property can look for this cookie value and determine how to set the comScore cs_ucfr flag. If the cookie value exists and is 0, then the flag would be set to 0. If the cookie value does not exist, then the flag is set to 1.

iOS and Android opt-out

To communicate certain values for an end-user on mobile apps, comScore uses labels. To learn about setting up labels for comScore, please visit the comScore SDK documentation.

Developers can query the Sourcepoint consent SDK to understand the user's current consent status and then set the appropriate label value for the cs_ucfr label.

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