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The Krux/Salesforce DMP platform provides a JavaScript API to set consent for end-users. In this article, we will cover how your organization can utilize The Krux API within consent and reject action fields to generate consent for the end-user.

Example Krux API calls

In this section, we provide your organization with an example for a Krux API call to use for a consent action and a reject action, respectively.

  Note: We strongly recommend reviewing the additional information on use cases and Krux namespaces here.

Consent action example Reject action example
Krux('ns:mynamespace', 'consent:set', {
  dc: true,
  al: true,
  tg: true,
  cd: false,
  sh: false,
  re: false
}, function(errors, body) {
  if (errors) {
  } else {
    console.log('Successfully set consent flags.');


Add Krux API calls to consent/reject action

In this section, we will cover how to add the Krux API call to a vendor list. Navigate to your Sourcepoint account and click Vendor Management on the left-hand panel and select a regulatory framework from the menu. 


Click a vendor list on the subsequent list.

landing page.png

  Note: Ensure that the vendor Salesforce (KRUX) is added to the vendor list.

Click Salesforce (KRUX) from the list of vendors.


From the subsequent modal, select either Consent Actions or Reject Actions and navigate to the provided Custom JS field.

Input the appropriate Krux API call in the field and click Apply changes when finished.


Confirm the implementation with your Krux/Salesforce team to ensure that they are receiving the correct signals.

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