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In this article, we will cover how to fire Tealium's tag containers that tracks a user's consent action from a Sourcepoint GDPR TCF message. 

Once your Tealium tag management system is configured to prevent tags from firing prior to consent, set up calls to fire Tealium containers using their API for tracking events after the page has loaded by using the tag ID you want to fire.

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Tealium API
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Below is the format for firing a Tealium tag container. The data object and callback parameters are optional. The data object will send any relevant data to the Tealium platform, and the callback parameter is a callback function that will execute after the tag has been fired., callback, [uid_array]);

With your code configured, navigate to your Sourcepoint account and click Vendor Management on the left-hand panel. Select a regulatory regime from the menu. 

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 12.38.45 PM.png

Navigate to and click a vendor list on the subsequent list.

landing page.png

GDPR / U.S. Privacy (Legacy) U.S. Multi-State Privacy

Click the appropriate vendor from the list.


Select Consent Actions from the subsequent modal. 

Input the code set up in the the Tealium platform under the Custom JS tab. The example below fires the Tealium tag ID 7 which corresponds to a Tealium event called gdpr_vendor1 and writes "tag fired" to the browser's developer console window.{"tealium_event":"gdpr_vendor1"},function(){console.log('tag fired');}, 7);


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