Google additional consent (GDPR TCF)

   Permission: Vendor list - GDPR

Google additional consent is a concept created by Google and the IAB Framework to pass end-user consent to Google Ad Technology Providers (ATP) despite not adhering to the IAB TCF framework. 

Information pertaining to Additional consent can be found at the pages below provided by Google: 

Google's Ad Technology Providers (ATP) are vendors that Google may share data with and who may or may not belong to the IAB TCF . Please refer below to see how end-user consent preferences are delivered based on IAB TCF participation:

Participating in IAB TCF Not participating in IAB TCF
The TCData and TCInAppData objects are used to communicate end-user consent to vendors who participate with the IAB TCF . TCData is used for web, and TCInAppData is used for mobile environments. The additional consent string will be added to the TCData and TCInAppData objects to communicate end-user consent for vendors who do not participate with the IAB TCF .

  Note: Ensure that the IAB vendor, Google Advertising Products is added and configured for the vendor list before the addition of any Google ATP vendors. The purposes and legal bases used for this vendor will be used to configure your ATP vendors.

Verify additional consent string

Web property

To view the additional consent string, navigate to a web property with a successfully implemented and active messaging campaign, and provide consent through your consent experience.

Access the developer console and execute the following command:

__tcfapi('addEventListener', 2, (tcdata, success) => { console.log(tcdata) })

The return object will contain addtlConsent followed by the additional consent string.

Mobile property

 Visit our respective mobile SDKs for more information on how to retrieve Google's additional consent string for mobile properties:

Use Google's Additional Consent Technical Specification to decode the returned string.

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