The Apple privacy manifest is a property list that records the types of data collected by your app or third-party SDK, and the "required reason APIs" that your app or third-party SDK uses. These changes help developers better understand how third-party SDKs use data, secure software dependencies, and provide additional privacy protection for users.


At the Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 (WWDC23), Apple introduced privacy manifests and signatures for commonly used third-party SDKs. Apple announced that, starting in Spring 2024, your organization will be required to include a privacy manifest for any version of commonly used SDKs from this list that is used by your app when you:

  • submit new apps to App Store Connect that include those SDKs
  • submit an app update to App Store Connect that adds one of the listed SDKs as part of the update


Term Description
Privacy manifest files Privacy manifest files outline the privacy practices of the third-party code in an app, in a single standard format. When you prepare to distribute your app, Xcode will combine the privacy manifests across all the third-party SDKs used by your app into a single, easy-to-use report. 
Signatures for SDKs When you adopt a new version of a third-party SDK in your app, Xcode will validate that it was signed by the same developer, improving the integrity of your software supply chain.


Apple has communicated two key deadlines regarding privacy manifest requirements of which your organization should be aware:

apple privacy manifest.jpg

SDK version support

Apple privacy manifest is supported in the following Sourcepoint SDKs:

  Note: Your organization will need to upgrade the SDK on your mobile and OTT properties to the following SDKs in order to support Apple privacy manifest.

Device SDK version
iOS 7.6.3+
tvOS 7.6.3+
Unity 2.2.2+

Once the Sourcepoint SDK has been updated for your app property, it will be up to your organization to configure and publish the privacy manifest. Please see the resources below for more information.


Sourcepoint has taken the liberty of collating resources to help your organization understand and prepare its apps to support Apple privacy manifest.

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