Alerts glossary

In this article, we will cover the different types of alerts Sourcepoint Diagnose will deliver to your user-account and how often each alert is calculated.

Alert Calculated Description
New Vendor Found Daily

Alerts you to a new vendor found in our scans for on a per metric basis.

  Note: Since the alert is on a per metric basis, you can receive an individual alert regarding the same vendor for multiple metrics.

For example, you may receive an alert that Vendor X was found on your property who is a non-disclosed vendor and a separate alert that Vendor X was found on your property who is triggered prior to consent.

Changes Detected Daily

Alerts you to the following changes for a vendor found on your property on a per metric basis:

  • New fingerprinting method
  • New domain mapped
  • New cookies dropped
  • New local storage method
Status Changed Daily Alerts you to when the vendor status for a vendor has changed on a per metric basis
Worse Relative Score Weekly Alerts you to when the relative score for a property drops by more than 25% from the previous week on a per metric basis. 
Higher Prevalence Weekly Alerts you to when the average prevalence for a vendor has increased by more than 30% from the previous week.
More Vendors Called Directly Weekly

Alerts you to when a vendor is calling more than 5 direct vendors from the previous week.

  Note: This alert only triggers on new vendors being directly called and not vendors called further along the trace.


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