Create vendor trace report

   Permission: Diagnose Dashboard

Vendor trace reports leverage the data from your configured Diagnose scans to produce a visualization of a vendor chain (which vendors are triggering downstream vendors) for a property within a given periodization. In this article, we will cover how to create a new vendor trace report. 

  Note: Click here to learn more about how to navigate/manipulate the vendor trace report.

From your Sourcepoint account, click Vendor trace on the left-hand rail under the Diagnose header. 


On the vendor trace page, you will first need to select the periodization for your report using the Scanned Period dropdown menu. Periodizations for your vendor trace report are relative to the day you are generating the report and include the following options:

  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days


  Note: It is necessary to select the scanned period first before selecting other parameters of the report.

Once the scanned period is selected, use the subsequent dropdown menus to select:

  • Property 
  • Scan URL
  • Region scanned

Only a single property, scan URL , and region scanned can be selected from each respective dropdown menu. Click Apply when finished. 


The visualization for your vendor trace report will be generated.


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