Optimize revenue with Diagnose

In this article, we will cover potential ways you can leverage data from your Diagnose dashboard to optimize your revenue. 

Remove obsolete IAB vendors to increase ad loading time

Identify vendors with less than 5% of prevalence on site as part of the IAB vendor list and remove these from the vendor list. Removing these vendors will allow for shorter consent strings and faster performance for filling ad slots. Additionally, this optimization has the compliance benefit of not sending end-user data to a vendor who does not use it.


 Story from the field

A global publisher performed the above exercise and deleted over 250 vendors from their vendor list. The publisher not only saw better performance on their properties, but advertising revenue only fell by £30!

Perform competitor analysis

Identify vendors with high prevalence (>80%) on benchmark sites who have a low prevalence on your properties. By viewing these vendors, you can identify revenue opportunities that your competitors are using and begin conversations with these vendors in order to utilise the same ad stack/technology.


Analyze existing partner relationships

Identify vendors with a low prevalence (<10%) on benchmark sites compared to a high prevalence on your own site. Are you using technology which the wider industry does not? Why is this the case? Could there be similar technology which is better serviced to your market?


Analyze existing partner performance

Identify main ad technology partners per technology category and understand their prevalence on-page to assess how your tech stack compares to your peers. If there are technologies you are not utilising you can use this to dig deeper into your current stack and possibly invest into industry standard technology to improve your reach. 

Identify revenue opportunities

Identify additional ATP vendors to add to the vendor list to increase revenue opportunities. This optimization will allow you to send more consent to Google's wider list of partners and potentially reach new partners to fill inventory.

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