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Requested reports allow your organization to easily see longer periods of data and enable you to easily share this data with relevant stakeholders and any business intelligence tools you may use. In this article, we will cover: 

  Note: When viewing dashboard data for any metric within the Diagnose portal, your organization is limited to a periodization of 30 days worth of data. Viewing data for any period longer than 30 days will require your organization to request a report

How to request a report

The following steps can be performed from any metric dashboard in Diagnose (including the Summary dashboard) to request a report. From your Diagnose account, click Dashboard on the left-hand rail and select any dashboard metric from the subsequent menu.

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From the dashboard metric page, navigate to the down-arrow to the right of the Apply button. Click Request Report from the subsequent menu.

  Note: Alternatively, selecting a date period that exceeds 30 days on the dashboard metric page will automatically replace the Apply button with a Request Report button. 

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Use the request a report modal to configure the following fields in the request:

Field Description
Properties Select properties that should be included for each metric in the request
Regions Select the countries/regions for your end-users when they are accessing your properties for each metric in the request
Date range Select the periodization that should be included for each metric in the request. This range can be as long or as short as needed.
Metrics Select the individual dashboard metrics in your request. Each metric will be attached as individual csv files that will be delivered in individual emails. Additionally, each metric will count individually towards your total monthly quota of reports. Click here for more information. 

Click Request Report when finished.

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Your request will be processed by Sourcepoint and email(s) containing a csv for your metric(s) will be delivered to your email address.

Monthly quota

Once a report request is submitted, the report request modal will relay the remaining reports in your organization's monthly quota. Sourcepoint gives your organization a monthly quota of 20 reports that is shared across all members of your organization. Once the 20 report limit is reached, your organization will need to wait until the following month for the limit to reset.

The 20 report monthly quota is not synonymous with report requests. Rather, the monthly quota pertains to the number of metrics included in your request. If 6 metrics were included in a single request then 6 reports will counted towards your 20 report monthly allotment.

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  Note: If your request is an exact duplicate of another request made in the same month then the delivered reports will not count towards your monthly quota. Additionally, if your request is an exact match for Properties, Regions, Date range fields, and your requested metrics is a subset of another request made in the same month then the delivered reports will not count towards your monthly quota.

Report delivery

Once your report request has been processed Sourcepoint will deliver an email containing a csv for each metric included in the request (e.g. if 4 metrics were included in the request then you will receive 4 separate emails with each email containing a csv file for one of the included metrics).

The email(s) will be delivered to the e-mail address associated with the account that executed the report request.

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