Permission: Vendor list-GDPR and/or Vendor list-U.S. Privacy

Sharing an end-user's consent data to a subdomain for your property requires writing that data to the root domain of the property. The setting to ensure end-user consent data is written to the root domain is located on the vendor list associated with the property. 

Click Vendor Management on the left-hand rail and select a regulatory regime from the subsequent menu. 


Select the vendor list associated with your property. 


Click *Advanced Settings* from the vendor list builder page.


Enable the Write 1st Party Cookies To Root Domain setting and click Apply Changes in the subsequent dialog box. 


To confirm the edits made to your vendor list, click Save on the vendor list builder page. 


An end-user's consent data will now be written to the root domain for all properties included in the vendor list and will be shared to subdomains.

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