GDPR TCF and U.S. Privacy (Legacy) implementation guide (web)

In this article, we will walk you through the essential steps necessary to launch your GDPR TCF and U.S. Privacy (Legacy) messaging campaigns on a single web property. 

  Note: There are certain optional steps/configurations that are not represented in this tracker such as property groups, dynamic language support, etc...

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Step Resource(s)
1 Create new property
2 Create GDPR TCF vendor list
3 Edit GDPR TCF vendor list
4 Create U.S. Privacy (Legacy) vendor list
5 Edit U.S. Privacy - CCPA vendor list
6 Create GDPR TCF privacy manager
7 Create GDPR first layer message
8 Create U.S. Privacy (Legacy) privacy manager
9 Create U.S. Privacy (Legacy) first layer message
10 Create GDPR TCF scenario
11 Create U.S. Privacy (Legacy) scenario
  • See above
12 Create GDPR TCF partition set
13 Create U.S. Privacy (Legacy) partition set
  • See above
14 Install Sourcepoint code on property
15 Launch GDPR TCF campaign
16 Launch U.S. Privacy (Legacy) campaign
  • See above
17 Test end-user consent flow for GDPR TCF 
18 Test end-user consent flow for U.S. Privacy (Legacy)


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