GDPR TCF and CCPA implementation guide (web)

In this article, we will walk you through the essential steps necessary to launch your GDPR TCF and CCPA messaging campaigns on a single web property. 

  Note: There are certain optional steps/configurations that are not represented in this tracker such as property groups, dynamic language support, etc...


Step Resource(s)
1 Create new property
2 Create GDPR TCF vendor list
3 Edit GDPR TCF vendor list
4 Create CCPA vendor list
5 Edit CCPA vendor list
6 Create GDPR TCF privacy manager
7 Create GDPR first layer message
8 Create CCPA privacy manager
9 Create CCPA first layer message
10 Create GDPR TCF scenario
11 Create CCPA scenario
  • See above
12 Create GDPR TCF partition set
13 Create CCPA partition set
  • See above
14 Install Sourcepoint code on property
15 Launch GDPR TCF campaign
16 Launch CCPA campaign
  • See above
17 Test end-user consent flow for GDPR TCF 
18 Test end-user consent flow for CCPA


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