27th June 2022 (CMP Pre-release notification)

At Sourcepoint, we keep our clients’ experience top of mind as we evolve our development and communication processes. Below are the updates scheduled for release on:

  • Monday, 27th June 2022

Item Area
Fix issue that affected the publisher restriction section of the IAB TCF consent string. GDPR Consent Service
Update storage of end-user consent profile and additionally allow vendors to be opted-in programmatically. Web SDK, GDPR Consent Service
Fix a display problem that affected the second layer of the consent message in Safari under iOS 15. GDPR Consent Service
Address the layout shifts (Chrome CLS) caused by some messages that use custom CSS. GDPR Consent Service
Solve an issue whereby resurfacing the privacy manager via a footer link and making a consent choice would lead to automatic scrolling. GDPR Consent Service
Fix layout issues observed in some mobile view messages that caused the webpage footer to display behind the consent message. GDPR Consent Service
Allow the Sourcepoint script to handle localStorage access errors. GDPR Consent Service
Add incremental metrics in our wrapper API. Rendering App
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