Dashboard filters

Dashboard filters are used to configure the data populated in the dashboard. Every filter field is required in order to generate the dashboard. 

Once all filters have been set, click Apply to populate the dashboard.


Use the provided properties filter to select properties that should be included in the dashboard report. Selected properties will be used to calculate your overall relative score and relative scorea against the properties selected in the benchmark properties filter. 



The regions filter will allow you to set the countries/regions for your end-users when they are  accessing your properties.


Date range

The date range filter will set the periodization for the report. This periodization can be set to a specific week, month, quarter, or year.


  Note: Once the property filter is set, you will receive a prompt to edit your dashboard periodization to the most recent observed update to a vendor list associated with an included property.  Click Yes in the prompt to automatically update the periodization (otherwise click Ignore to dismiss the prompt).


Benchmark properties

Use the benchmark properties filter to select one or more benchmark properties to compare your selected properties. Selected benchmark properties will be used to calculate your overall relative score and relative scores.

  Note: Regions selected using the region filter will dictate the available benchmarks that can be selected.




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