getCustomVendorRejects command

Sourcepoint has extended the functionality of the IAB's CCPA API to offer your organization additional commands that can be used with the __uspapi() function call. This provides a level of consistency and feature overlap between the IAB CCPA API and custom function integrations.

The getCustomVendorRejects command enables your organization to retrieve a list of categories and vendors an end-user has rejected.

​getCustomVendorRejects command

The command returns a JSON object that lists each IAB and custom vendor, and each purpose an end-user has rejected. The format of the getCustomVendorRejects command is as follows:

Code example Browser console command
function callback_fn(uspData, success) {
	// your custom callback code can be included here
	console.log(uspData, success)

// call the __uspapi() function with callback only
__uspapi('getCustomVendorRejects', 1, callback_fn);
// call the __uspapi() function from the browser console
__uspapi('getCustomVendorRejects', 1, function(uspData, success){console.log(uspData, success);});

getCustomVendorRejects response

The JSON object response is in two parts. The first part is a list of purpose names and their IDs an end-user has rejected. The second part is a list of vendor names, their IDs and types the end-user has rejected. There is a flag that indicates if CCPA rules apply for current situation

This data can then be parsed and the appropriate measures can be taken.


The rejectedCategories section lists the purpose ids and purpose names rejected by the end-user. The purposes are listed as follows:

Parameter Description
_id Purpose ID
type The legal basis set for this purpose - consent, legitimate interest, not allowed, disclosure only
vendorID Vendor ID
ccpaApplies Does CCPA apply in this situation?
    0: {_id: "5ede9a62ffbdcd235d9923f5", name: "Advertising"}
    1: {_id: "5ede9a62ffbdcd235d9923f6", name: "Marketing"}
    2: {_id: "5ede9a62ffbdcd235d9923f7", name: "Functional"}
ccpaApplies: true    
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