In this article we will cover how to update your vendor list with page scanning using the vendor and local storage categorization feature. 

  Note: Please contact your Sourcepoint Account Manager to activate this feature for your organization's account. 

From the vendor list builder for any of the regulatory frameworks supported by Sourcepoint, click Website vendor scan.


Ensure that the appropriate properties are included in the scan and click Begin scan.

  Note: Select Auto add new vendors to ensure that new vendors in scans get added to your vendor list automatically.


Review the results and determine which of the newly discovered vendors should be added to your vendor list.

Uncheck the check mark next to each vendors name to prevent them from being added. Additionally, click the down arrow to learn more about where that vendor showed up in the scan. We will indicate the vendors that are already included in the list.

Click Save when finished.


For newly added vendors, ensure that they have been accurately classified in the relevant purposes/categories and click Save.

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