Vendor list configuration (U.S. Privacy Legacy)

   Permission: Vendor list - U.S. Privacy

In this article, we will cover the following configurations specific to a U.S. Privacy vendor list:

To start, click Vendor Management on the left-hand panel and select U.S. Privacy Standard from the menu.


Select a U.S. Privacy vendor list from the subsequent page.


Manage purpose on U.S. Privacy vendor list

To add a purpose to a U.S. Privacy vendor list, click + Add Purpose from the bottom of the U.S. Privacy vendor list builder. 


The purpose will be added to end of the purpose column. Set the legal basis for the new purpose for each vendor in your U.S. Privacy vendor list. 


Edit the details of the purpose (e.g. purpose name, consent actions, etc...) by selecting the purpose name.


Use the subsequent modal to edit general settings, consent actions, and reject actions. Save any edits made by clicking Apply changes.

  Note: This modal can be used to delete the purpose from your U.S. Privacy vendor list by clicking Remove


Advanced settings for U.S. Privacy vendor list

The advanced settings modal for a U.S. Privacy vendor list allow a user to configure certain settings that will applied to the entire U.S. Privacy vendor list

From an existing U.S. Privacy vendor list, click *Advanced settings*.


The following advanced settings can be edited for the U.S. Privacy vendor list:

Advanced Setting Description
Add all IAB vendors Automatically adds all the vendors from the IAB Global Vendor List (GVL) and keeps them updated daily.
Write 1st party cookies to root domain

When enabled, consent selections will be stored/persist across the site’s root domain (e.g. and its respective subdomains (e.g.

This will ensure that users do not see the same consent message when moving from root to subdomain or vice versa. 

Write 1st party cookie from the server

When enabled, the 1st-party cookie will be set by the server by passing a cookie from the server back to your site instead of using the on-site code to set the cookie.

This setting should be enabled if your organization has set up a CNAME subdomain.

Respect Global Privacy Control Ensures that properties associated with the vendor list respect the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal from an end-user's browser if it is enabled. Click here to learn more about the GPC signal impacts the US Privacy String. 
Consent cookies expiration The length of time (in days) consent cookies are valid.

Use the subsequent modal to edit the advanced settings for the U.S. Privacy vendor list. Click Apply Changes when finished.


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