User selection options for first layer message (GDPR TCF)

   Permission: Campaign entities

Certain regions may have guidance and/or regulations that afford end-users the option to select what type of cookies or local storage information they want to share before any such information is written to the end-user's device. To support this guidance/regulation, your organization can use the Vendor List Stacks/Purposes with Opt-in Controls component when building the GDPR TCF first layer message.


In order to successfully create a GDPR TCF first layer message with user selection options via the Vendor List Stacks/Purposes with Opt-in Controls component you will first need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • At least one custom purpose defined on GDPR TCF vendor list with a legal basis set to either consent or legitimate interest for at least one vendor (choice of legal basis determines how options are displayed in the first layer message).
  • Add the property to the GDPR TCF Vendor List for which you are building the first layer message.

Add user selection options to first layer message

Click Messages on the left-hand panel and select GDPR Messages.

Click Web/Webview (TCF) from the subsequent menu.


Use the property field in the upper right-hand corner to select a property for which you will create a first layer message.


Ensure the First Layer tab is selected and then navigate to + New Message to create a new first layer message.


From the first layer builder, click + in the toolbar panel to add a component to the blank builder. Alternatively, your organization can consider starting from a Sourcepoint provided template.

  Note: Sourcepoint recommends that you begin the configuration of the first layer message from a template.

Select Vendor List Stacks/Purposes with Opt-in Controls from the subsequent modal. This component is key to rendering the first layer message with user selection options displayed.


  Note: You will still need to set up all the appropriate buttons and text for the first layer message.

Ensure a Save and Exit button is created in the Actions for the message so that the user's choices are saved.


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