Permission: Templates

Account templates allow you to create a custom message that can then be applied to another property (or property groups) by you or other members in your organization who have the appropriate access. In this article, we will cover how to create a new account template that can be subsequently utilized by other members in your organization.

To create a new account template, click Super Admin in the lower left-hand corner and select Manage Templates from the menu.


Click New Template and select your compliancy framework and/or message type from the dropdown menu.


Account templates are available for the following messages:

  • First layer message - web and webview (GDPR TCF, GDPR Standard, U.S. Privacy Standard)
  • Privacy manager - web and webview (GDPR TCF, GDPR Standard, U.S. Privacy Standard)
  • OTT/CTV (GDPR TCF, U.S. Privacy Standard) 
  • U.S. Privacy Standard subject access request form
  • U.S. Privacy Standard DSAR retrieval form
  • iOS tracking message

Use the message builder to customize the account template and click Create Template when finished. 

  For CMP messages (first layer messages, OTT/CTV, and privacy managers)

Since account templates are not associated with a specific property (a current requirement to populate vendor list details for CMP messages), vendor list components will not display when creating or editing the account template. When the account template is selected from the message builder for a specific property, the property's vendor list components will populate successfully.


The account template will be added to the list of account templates for your organization. The account template will be set to the Draft status and will be unavailable to users in your organization.

  Note: To allow users access to the account template when creating a message, toggle the status of the account template to Public.


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