Import vendors from a different vendor list (U.S. Multi-State Privacy)

   Permission: Regulation Settings - USNat

In order to assist your organization in building your U.S. Multi-State Privacy vendor list, you can import vendors (and their consent and reject actions) from any previously configured vendor list regardless of regulatory framework into your U.S. Multi-State Privacy vendor list.

Navigate to a U.S. Multi-State Privacy vendor list by selecting Vendor Management from the left-hand rail and clicking U.S. Multi-State Privacy from the menu. 

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Select a U.S. Multi-State Privacy vendor list on the subsequent page.

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Click the Vendor Management tab from the vendor list builder and click + Add Vendors


Select the Existing Vendor List tab.

Use the Import From dropdown menu to select a regulatory framework and then select a vendor list within the regulatory framework using the Vendor List dropdown menu. Click Import Vendors when finished. 

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  Note: When importing vendors from another vendor list, your organization can also decide to import any consent or reject actions that you have configured in the original vendor list into your U.S. Multi-State Privacy vendor list by toggling the Import the hooks configuration for vendors so that it is green. 

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Imported consent actions will be configured as Opt In hooks and imported reject actions will be configured as Opt out hooks. 

Click the checkbox to the left of the vendor name to be imported and use the provided Privacy Choice field to map each vendor to your configured privacy choices. 

  Note: By default, imported vendors will be mapped to all configured privacy choices unless otherwise edited.

Click Add Selected Vendors when finished. 

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