IAB GDPR TCF v2.2 - Transition readiness (OTT)

Sourcepoint has collated necesssary information and a checklist of transition actions for your organization to ensure the successful migration of your OTT properties' campaigns to the IAB TCF v2.2 specification. 

  Note: As a reminder, all framework participants must transition to IAB TCF v2.2 by November 20th, 2023.

Device support

All Sourcepoint supported OTT devices can be transitioned to IAB TCF v2.2. These devices are:

  • Android
  • Apple TV (tvOS)
  • Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Tizen
  • webOS

UI/UX changes

As it currently exists, Sourcepoint supports two different OTT message builders in our platform: OTT/CTV and Native OTT.

Sourcepoint is using the platform migration to IAB TCF v2.2 to address the naming convention of these message builders. This new naming convention aligns our trajectory with future plans to eventually deprecate the OTT/CTV message builder in favor of using the Native OTT message builder as our single solution.  

The following naming convention will be adopted in the portal once IAB TCF v2.2 support is enabled for OTT devices:

Former name New name
Native OTT OTT

Migrate message to OTT (formerly Native OTT) message builder

In order to fully comply with IAB TCF v2.2 policies your organization will need to transition any messages configured in the Legacy OTT (formerly OTT/CTV) message builder to the OTT (formerly Native OTT) message builder.

  Note: For devices that rely on either Sourcepoint's iOS SDK or android SDK, OTT (formerly Native OTT) messages are supported in SDK 6 and SDK 7. We strongly encourage and recommend that your organization upgrade to SDK 7 whenever possible as this is the more performant and stable version of the SDK. 

Please refer to this section for more detailed information on which SDK version each OTT device should utilize.

As it pertains to support for IAB TCF v2.2, both OTT message builders will be able to support the following requirements:

  • Set TCF v2.2 consent string
  • Addition of purpose 11
  • Addition of purpose 11 to stacks
  • Removal of legitimate interest as an acceptable legal basis for purposes 3-6
  • Changes to language such as naming conventions, user friendly text, and illustrations
  • Transition to GVL 3

However, only the OTT (formerly Native OTT) message builder will support the following requirements in the IAB TCF v2.2 policies:

  • Dynamic vendor count widget per purpose
  • Retention periods by purpose when viewing a vendor
  • Link to legitimate interest disclosure (if applicable) when viewing a vendor
  • Listed data categories when viewing a vendor

  Note: For efficiency, Sourcepoint recommends you transition your messages from the Legacy OTT message builder to the OTT message builder concurrently with when you migrate the property to IAB TCF v2.2. Please see the campaign migration checklist for more information. 

Legacy OTT message to OTT message

  1. Create a new message in the OTT message builder for the property.
  2. Edit existing scenario(s) for the property to surface the newly created OTT message using the Select message field.  
  3. Replace any links that resurface the message with a new command
  4. Restart campaign for the property. 

Campaign migration checklist

In this section, we have broken down the components/entities that need to be updated and reviewed within the Sourcepoint portal before relaunching a campaign on an OTT property for IAB GDPR TCF v2.2:

  Note: The migration checklist is organized in sequential order. Most notably, your organization will need to complete the action items and successfully save your vendor lists so that it is updated to GDPR TCF v2.2 before updating your OTT messages, message links, etc...

Vendor lists

  1. Legitimate interest is no longer an acceptable legal basis for purpose 3, 4, 5, and 6. Update the legal basis for any of these purposes if legitimate interest is used.
  2. Review and edit any vendors that have amended their legal bases from GVL 2 to GVL 3.
  3. Review vendors utilizing purpose 11 (Use limited data to select content), a new purpose in IAB GDPR TCF v2.2), and set allowed legal bases.
  4. Review illustrations (formerly legal descriptions) and add any supplementary illustrations (new) for each purpose. 

  Note: Sourcepoint has designed a method to support vendors who have not yet migrated to the Global Vendor List 3 (GVL 3) for the duration of Sourcepoint’s client transition period to IAB TCF v2.2.  That is, up until the 20th November 2023 deadline, if a vendor is on GVL 2 and not yet on GVL 3 we will continue to expose them as an IAB vendor in our APIs.

OTT message

  1. Add vendor list count widget to the description on the Home View, picking whether to include the count of just IAB GVL vendors or all vendors. Click here for more information.
  2. Review the changes to names, descriptions and illustrations relating to purposes.
  3. Review new legitimate interest disclosure QR code (if applicable) and data categories

On-page/device OTT message links

  1. All properties must display an easily accessible link to resurface the privacy manager on all pages of the website or which is easily accessible in the menu of the application. If the link is currently only accessible via the privacy policy you will be required to change your implementations.
  2. Ensure that the OTT message that is resurfaced includes the option to withdraw consent / reject all.


  1. A reconsent is not required for end-users that have set consent preferences prior to the November 20, 2023 deadline. These consent strings are valid for 1 year as long as the cookie expiry is set to 365 days.
  2. A reconsent is likely required if your organization utilizes either the legal basis change or vendor list additions consent gate scenario conditions.


  1. Review above changes and refresh campaign

Device-specific SDK upgrades

Whether your organization is required to upgrade to a new version of an SDK for your OTT device is dependent on the type of OTT device. Please refer to the table below for more information on Sourcepoint's suppported devices:

Device  Upgrade SDK
Android Requires the use of SDK 6+ to support OTT (formerly Native OTT) messages
Apple TV (tvOS) Yes, 7.4.2
Fire TV Requires the use of SDK 6+ to support OTT (formerly Native OTT) message)
Roku Yes, 2.5.0
Tizen No
webOS No

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  • Added SDK versions to tvOS and Roku 


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